Ishraq is the name of a comprehensive religious application for Android that can meet a wide range of your religious needs by benefiting from different sections! This software consists of four sections: supplication, salawat counting, dhikr of the day and prayers, each of which will provide you with the best services. All four sections provide you with many possibilities and the language of the program is completely Persian and has been designed by Iranian programmers.

Some features of Illumination software:

* Having a prayer section including all kinds of prayers and pilgrimages (such as the prayer of the covenant, Kamil, Tawassul, pilgrimage of Ashura, Al-Yasin, etc.)

* Having a section for mentioning the day with a counter

* Having a number of Salawat

* Having a prayer follow-up section

* Stylish and beautiful user interface

To download the religious software of Ishraq Android and see pictures of its environment from Usroid , read more…

 Changes in version v3.0:

* Fixed bugs and bugs

 Enlightenment religious application for Android