It may have occurred to you that you have searched various sites to find out the magnitude of an earthquake that has occurred in your city or your acquaintances, and finally, after spending a lot of time and energy, you have not reached a result. ! If so, do not miss Haqaf seismograph !

Seismologist Haghaf is an Iranian application for Android that receives information about recent earthquakes in the country from the Tehran Geophysical Institute and displays it for you by connecting to the Internet! One of the interesting and remarkable features of the seismograph is that it predicts the probable occurrence of earthquakes based on the activities of the earth’s crust in those areas, which, despite the impossibility of predicting earthquakes, can be a warning to observe safety tips.

Some features of Haqaf Android seismograph:

* View more than 30 recent earthquakes

* Provide complete information about each earthquake (information such as intensity, depth , exact time, latitude and longitude, etc.)

* Predicting possible earthquake areas

* Ability to search the name of the desired city to display earthquakes related there

* Ability to share information about each earthquake

To download the application software  seismograph Hqaf Android and images of the environment from Usroid to continue to see more.


Haqaf seismograph software for Android - information on the latest earthquakes in the country