Divination Treasure – Divination Treasure of an Iranian-Persian application in the field of entertainment from the Persian programming studio for Android tablets and phonesWhich is offered 100% free and includes dozens of different types of horoscopes. There are different views on divination in different societies, and although some believe it but others deny it, reading divination is fun and enjoyable for most people, even if they do not believe it. . Horoscope software, as mentioned at the beginning, includes dozens of types of horoscopes, which if we want to mention all of them along with the explanations of each of them here, it will be a long and tedious article. List the forms of horoscopes that include dice, tea, color, math, coffee, blood type, sports, week, peas, business, etc.!

Some features of Android Treasure Treasure app:

  • Completeness and comprehensiveness
  • Complete training of horoscopes that have special instructions
  • Ability to add custom horoscopes to favorites list
  • Ability to adjust the screen brightness for easier reading at night or day
  • Automatically turn on the screen while reading
  • Ability to search among horoscopes

Divination Treasure application is available 100% free of charge, and today, at the collective request of you dear ones, we have introduced it to you, so that you can download the latest version with one click from the site’s high-speed servers; To download the free Iranian software Ganjineh Fal from Usroid and see pictures of it, refer to the following.

Version v1.42 changes  :

* Speed ​​up updates
* Improved loading
* Fixed some issues