The latest version of the Iranian program Rovid table with 150 different tables (view) – weekly update with dedicated and new tables

As you know, there are many things that can be done in your spare time, one of the most useful of which is solving the table . Solving the table is not only fun, but also greatly enhances general knowledge and improves mental skills! Row tableIt is one of the Iranian Android applications that you can go to when you are not working! The event table simulates a table environment for you and in this program you can solve the table and enjoy using it on your mobile device! With the event table, you can always have the table with you and enjoy it! In this fun program, all you have to do is swap words until you get the right answer, so the difficulty is much lower than other tables! Of course, the answers in the table are not as simple as you might think, and you have to really push your brain in the steps above to fill the cells; It goes without saying that with each wrong move, five points will be deducted from your total points!

Some of the features of the Iranian Android Row table app:

* Free program
* Weekly updates and the addition of new tables
* Having a video guide to work with the program
* Ability to get help to solve the table
* No need to type words
* Simplicity, ease of working with the program
* Beautiful appearance and user-friendliness of the program
* Table Exclusive

App by going work of the group a new look design is offered for free and we Usroid to support this group always have the latest version of the application is updated with new features we will take to download. If you are interested in solving the table, do not miss the schedule program in any way.

Changes in version v1.3.0:

* – Change the graphics of the table section

* Added the ability to move the table and two-finger zoom

* Added 150 new steps – the number of tables so far 150 tables (deleted due to updating the previous tables program)


Download the Iranian program Ravid Table: Description in the Android text