Loh Dana, a popular Iranian application, includes several different books in different fields for Android , which brings a comprehensive bank to your smartphone, and with it you can be an information reference! Dana Tablet application software includes items such as a comprehensive bank of dream interpretation including more than 3400 dreams; Database of diseases including symptoms, causes, prevention, medications and diet related to the disease; Database of medicinal plants including properties and methods of consumption; Tourism information of different cities of Iran; World Atlas of 229 countries and introduces history, politics, geography, people, culture, economy, religion and other information; Biographies of celebrities including 341 world celebrities; Schools databaseDifferent worlds including 82 schools; Introduction of 48 international organizations including UN, NATO , IAEA; Introducing the great wars of human history such as the First and Second World Wars; The complete history of Iran from the arrival of the Aryans to the Islamic Revolution; Biographies of Iranian actors include more than 130 Iranian actors who can be very attractive to you with their extraordinary abilities that we have mentioned below:

* Simple display of content, pagination and removal of vertical and traditional scrolling

* View the list of results and colorize the searched word

* Ability to copy and share text

* Ability to bookmark the page

* Display bookshelves and the possibility of deleting books

* Ability to change the screen light

* View table of contents and list of symbols

* Change the size of the border and change the distance between the lines

* Ability to change the font and change the font size

Fantastic app   Tablet wise to Usroid for free at your disposal and hope the Psndtan’s supposed to be and to continue with a visit can get it with a click.


Download the Iranian application of the Dana Loh book collection for Android - version 2.2