Few people have not heard the name of the famous book Kelileh and Demneh! This book is full of readable and instructive anecdotes, most of which are told in the language of animals, which are not without merit. Kelileh and Demneh is the name of a special Android book that contains hundreds of anecdotes of this valuable book separately, which allows you to read it on your phone or tablet in your spare time!

Some features of Kelileh and Demneh books:

* Separation of the anecdotes of each chapter

* Ability to adjust the font size of texts

* Ability to select fonts (fonts) of texts from five beautiful fonts

* Ability to search quickly using the keyword

* Ability to add custom anecdotes to favorites

* Ability to share texts (by long touching part of the text)

Application Panchatantra Android by Iran’s programmers is designed for Android you can download the book value of Farsrvyd to continue to see more.


 Kelileh and Demneh for Android