A 112 Operator v1.0 – simulation and very attractive game “Operator 112” Android
The purchased version of the game for $ 7.99 is presented to you dear ones
tested by running offline

A 112 Operator – Operator 112 is another title of management and strategy games in the style of simulation from the tasteful and creative studio Games Operators SA in Poland, which has been released on Google Play for a relatively high price of $ 7.99 for Android phones and tablets. And Usroid has once again, for the first time among all Iranian sites, prepared, reviewed and released the purchased and complete version of this game for Android devices, and you, dear ones and fans of management and simulation style games, can download this The game invites fascinating and fun. The studio already has other interesting and popular games such as BE-A Walker and Counter Terrorist AgencyHad also published that we had previously introduced and published them for you dear ones in Usroid. Undoubtedly, the studio’s most famous game to date is A 911 Operator , the great success of which made Games Operators SA think of making a similar game, and in fact another version of the same game. The game in front of you, A 112 Operator, is another and newer version of A 911 Operator, which has been developed with the same structure, features and content. So we have to say that if you have already experienced Operator 911 game, Operator 112 game will be quite reminiscent of the same game for you. But this time we see differences, or rather more evolution in the franchise, with larger and newer plans probably the biggest of these changes.


A 112 Operator


In the game A 112 OperatorYou are in the role of an emergency operator, and your job is to handle accidents, mishaps and public reports. Just like a professional operator, you have to deal with every issue correctly and carefully and try to guide the people who are facing various problems in the best possible way with the right choices and help them to get out of the situation. They are dangerous to be saved. In fact, the game is followed in two main parts. One of them is the section of conversations and public reports to you, where you have to help the people who have called you to help you by choosing the right and appropriate option. The very interesting point of the game is that not all incoming calls may be urgent and only your simple tips can solve the contact problem. In this regard, it should be said that the game A 112 Operator is well designed and is a realistic simulator. In the second part, you have to manage various forces such as police, fire brigade and rescue and health forces in the city and as soon as you receive a report of an accident, send different and required forces to that point. Of course, you need to find the forces closest to that point on the map and send forces closer to the designated points to expedite these operations. You can also use the money you earn during the game to recruit more troops or upgrade units. In A 112 Operator, you can travel to different cities of the world and perform various missions in those cities and get ready to serve the people! Operator 112 game challenges your management skills with various sections and can be an attractive and formidable account for fans of this style of games.Download Usroid directly and for free.

Additional notes:

  1. The game only installs and runs on devices with at least Android 8.0.
  2. The game as a whole is offline, but you may need an internet connection to download additional information and data.
  3. In the game mode version, your money is unlimited; If the game freezes in the initial run, close the game completely and log in again.



Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.jutsugames.operator112 folder to the Android / data path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.