1C Big Keyboard v1.80 [AdFree Mod] – ergonomic and large Android keyboard application!
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One of the problems that visually impaired people or those with large hands face when working with their Android device is the inability to type at the right time! Because when you press the keys, you mistype other words, and this problem, in addition to increasing typos, causes problems such as nervousness. You might first think of using smartphones with large screens or tablets, But this is not a permanent solution and it has its own problems. But perhaps having a keyboard with large options can be considered a more appropriate solution. 1C Big Keyboard is an ergonomic and large Android keyboard developed by 1C Wearable for Android and published on Google Play. As can be seen from the description above, this keyboard is most effective for people with visual impairments or large hands; Wide keys help minimize typing errors and enable all users to meet their communication needs with their friends. The large size of the keys allows the least possible pressure on the eyes of users and their eyes never get tired. There are several different themes and effects available to users using and benefiting from them can significantly increase the beauty of this functional keyboard. Unlike some similar tools that can be seen in the Android Market, several different and popular languages ​​in the world are supported by this application, which is unique in its kind.


1C Big Keyboard


The 1C Big Keyboard app, with its various features and capabilities, has been able to receive a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than one million downloads and payments within its $ 9.99 network. You can now download the latest version without ads. Get it from the most visited and content-rich Usroid website.