2020: My Country in Persian (2020: My Country) is one of the most entertaining and best strategy games for the Android operating system , with a score of 4.5 out of 5.0 and more than 17 million users from around the world, one of the most popular and Is the most popular metropolis management games! Now is the year 2020, and you, as the governor of a metropolis, must build and manage cities and the country, and consider the necessary predictions to deal with various events and natural disasters! You have to build houses and buildings ,Expand the prosperity of agriculture and other works of the country and bring the experience of the most modern strategy game in your Android phone. You have to consider different types of places to prevent chaos in the city, for example, you have to build a fire department to prevent fires, build different places to deal with the attack of space creatures, and Even hire people to prevent riots in the city! The game is designed in real life so that citizens may suffer from various infectious diseases and a hospital is needed, the people of the city may fight and riot, a security guard is needed and even various creatures such as dinosaurs. Attacks the city that you must stop them!

Some features of the game 2020: My Country Android:

* Ability to create modern and amazing buildings in different places

* Availability of more than 100,000 different items to personalize buildings

* Being very beautiful cars of the future, including unparalleled flying cars

* Occurrence of various events of infectious diseases, alien invasion and natural disasters

* Ability to build various office locations such as fire department, police and so on

* Ability to build a variety of game parks and fun places to keep people busy

* Having great and stunning graphics + lovely animations + exciting sound

If you are a fan of city management strategy games, do not miss 2020: My Country and experience a different experience from strategy games in a modern way! Join us to download the latest version of this game from Usroid ….

New version + game trailer – required for internet gaming.

Changes in version v9.30.91559:

* Added dozens of great new and great features!
* Added the ability to send romantic gifts to friends


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