2GIS: Offline map & Navigation v6.29.0.530.20 – Android Offline Navigation and Maps App!
The ad-free and complete version of the app for the first time on Persian language websites

The expansion of cities and human construction has made it necessary for us to have a guide when entering new cities in order to quickly find service or welfare centers and meet our needs. One of the most important features of Android is the provision of navigation systems in various modes, which guides thousands of people to their destinations every day! 2GIS: Offline map & Navigation is the title of a navigation and offline map application published by DoubleGIS, LLC for Android. This software allows you to quickly find any of your desired addresses and meet your routing needs without any errors as an intelligent GPS. As stated in the title of the post and the developer’s description, one of the main features of this startup is the ability to use it completely offline; you only need to receive the desired maps from the database and run them at any time. Various service, commercial, welfare, and administrative centers are available on these maps, and by searching for their names, you will have access to their addresses, phone numbers, and images.

Some features and capabilities of the 2GIS: Offline map & Navigation Android app:

  • Having access to highly detailed maps at any time and location
  • Support for information on commercial, cultural, welfare, administrative locations, and more
  • Displaying complete information for each center along with images and phone numbers
  • Possibility of using the app completely offline by downloading maps
  • Powerful audio navigation system for use while driving
  • Searching for desired locations with just one touch
  • High accuracy in displaying available information

The 2GIS: Offline map & Navigation app, with its various features and capabilities, has been able to receive an average rating of 4.1 out of 5.0 from Google Play users, with over 50 million downloads. You can now download the latest version of the app, without ads and complete with all features, from the Usroid website.


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