For some time now, we have not provided live wallpaper for you, visitors and regular users of Usroid; A few days ago, one of the users requested a wallpaper called 3D Flowers or 3D Flowers Live Wallpaper , and we decided to introduce it both to update the wallpaper section and to handle the request of this esteemed friend! This live wallpaper with dynamic animated wallpaper along with real 3D animations will bring the most beautiful live wallpaper on the home screen of your Android smartphone or tablet!

This live wallpaper brings a happy and beautiful environment to you by showing 3D flowers on the screen that fall from the top to the bottom, and its real 3D animations, and you can use it for your Nowruz days. 3D Flowers Live Wallpaper, which currently sells for $ 0.99 on Google Play, has been purchased by users several times and we introduced it today…

Some features of 3D Flowers Live Wallpaper Android:

* Includes a collection of 8 different backgrounds, including spring, summer, etc.

* Incredibly beautiful three-dimensional flowers of violets and orchids fall from the top to the bottom of the screen

* Very little use of battery charge and optimized for smartphones and tablets

* Having multiple options and customizations to customize different sections of the wallpaper

* Provide a variety of incredibly beautiful 3D backgrounds with the possibility of selection by the user

* Designed in full 3D and HD with extremely beautiful and different effects

If you want to have the 3D Flowers Live Wallpaper wallpaper on your mobile phone, you can download the latest version for free with a direct link from the Usroid website .


Download 3D Flowers Live Wallpaper - 3D Flowers Wallpaper for Android




3D Flowers Live Wallpaper Android - 3D Android Wallpaper