3DCARP – Fishing is one of the best fishing simulations from VCF Gaming Studio for Android devices, priced at $ 2.49It is sold on Google Play and today we intend to introduce the full and purchased version of this game in the presence of you Usroid users! This game is probably the best simulation for fishing because it uses 3D graphics and with the open space, the power to choose the best place is completely in your hands. This game has different maps, including several rivers and lakes, in each of which you can catch different fish. Before traveling to any lake or river, you can choose a suitable bait according to your type of fishing and fish on the river water in any place by the lake or inside the boat. You can do several different types of fishing. Try and continue fishing with a fishing rod or a fixed double rod, or use different equipment for different fishing to catch your prey in the most realistic way possible.

Some features of the fun 3DCARP Android fishing game:

  • Having 13 lakes and 4 beautiful rivers for fishing
  • Ability to catch different types of fish such as carp, goldfish and…
  • Ability to fish with two fixed and movable rod modes
  • Possibility of fishing in different modes of day and night and different seasons
  • Ability to catch fish from the platform and from inside the boat
  • Ability to throw different baits with different features
  • Ability to choose between different fishing rods and types of bait
  • Ability to take photos of your catches and win prizes

3DCARP game has been purchased more than 10 thousand times by Android users and was able to get a good score of 4.2 out of 5.0 that you can first see the images of the game and, if desired, the purchased and full version of the game directly and completely Download for free from Usroid high speed servers . This game has been tested and run offline.

Changes in version v10.6:

* Fixed bugs and improved game graphics