A 432 Player – Pro Music sound v41.53 – High-quality and clear Android audio player application
Purchased version of the program worth $6.99

One of the best options to make listening to music more enjoyable and pleasant is the sound output frequency, which has a direct effect on the brain and ears and convinces the user that the music being played is beautiful and not annoying. Scientists and musicologists have found through research that one of the best frequencies for playing sound waves is 432 Hz, in which humans enjoy listening to sounds and do not get tired. In this post, we intend to introduce to you a sound player that is synchronized with the mentioned frequency and is called A 432 Player – Pro Music sound. This unique player is developed and published by Appum Studios for Android and uses the 432 Hz frequency to play audio files more beautifully. In addition to its main feature, this software also includes a set of various features that make managing and playing audio files more enjoyable. You can easily access the 10-band equalizer or categorize your music files in a special way. Create your own playlist so that all music files are played in order. If you are looking for a professional player to replace the default Android player, do not miss this application and stay with us.

Some features and capabilities of the 432Player – Pro Music Sound Android app:

  • Automatic search capability among album lists!
  • Edit and display ID3 tags
  • Create playlists and merge multiple lists together
  • Play audio files in the frequency range of 432 to 440 Hz
  • Categorize audio files by artist, album, and folder
  • High-quality and enjoyable playback of audio files
  • Advanced filter
  • Support for playing music with Bluetooth devices
  • Customize the user interface

A 432 Player – Pro Music sound application, as a special program in the field of high-quality audio file playback, has been able to receive a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0 by Google Play users. You can now download the latest version of this smart and amazing player from the servers of Usroid website for free.


432 Player - Pro Music sound