4G LTE Network Switch – Speed ​​Test & SIM Card Info v1.2.4 – Forced connection to 4G network for Android,
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4G LTE Network Switch – Speed Test & SIM Card InfoTitle is an application for forced connection to the Four G network, which was developed by Gigantic Apps and published on Google Play. One way that smart device users can connect to the World Wide Web is to use mobile data. The cell towers around us each support a specific network, such as FourG, TerryG, or TuG! With all these interpretations, it can be said that the speed of your internet connection depends on the cell towers around you. The better and more powerful the technology of these towers, the faster our internet will be. However, it is sometimes seen that due to the weakness of the components used in these towers, we face the problem of jumping the antenna or the weakness of a connection. This has become an excuse for us to provide you with a special software in this post. Software that allows you to have a stable connection and connect to the World Wide Web as quickly as possible. 4G LTE Network Switch software – Speed ​​Test & SIM Card Info helps your loved ones to lock your smartphone on a specific network such as 4G or 3G. Advanced network settings help professional users apply certain settings and enjoy a very high speed. Although we mentioned the main feature of this startup, but another feature is the Internet speed test mode. Internet Speed ​​Testing helps you to instantly check your connection speed and know how fast your files are downloaded and uploaded. The unique system of displaying SIM and mobile information displays the most accurate SIM card information and allows you to change the advanced network settings accordingly. All tests and results recorded in the history of the above software are stored so that you have unlimited access to all of them at any time. Unlike other similar tools available in the Android Market, the environment of this app is very simple and even the most novice users are able to benefit from it.

Some features and capabilities of 4G LTE Network Switch – Speed ​​Test & SIM Card Info Android application:

  • Show hidden settings and force connection of the smartphone to the Four J network
  • Option to view SIM card information or cell tower connected to it
  • Internet speed test for access to parameters such as download and upload
  • Save all settings in the application history

App 4G LTE Network Switch – Speed Test & SIM Card Info to benefit from the features and functionality of its own by the developer it for free along with in-network $ 2.49 has been released and managed to score 4.2 out of 5.0 by users receive You can now download the latest version without ads from the content-rich Usroid website.


4G LTE Network Switch - Speed Test & SIM Card Info