4G WiFi Maps & Speed ​​Test. Find Signal & Data Now v7.36.2-1 – Android Connectivity Network Tracking App
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Today, mobile and Wi-Fi communication networks cover the entire globe and cover different parts of the world, but for some reason these signals are stronger in some places and weaker elsewhere. is. 4G WiFi Maps & Speed ​​Test. Find Signal & Data Now is a program for tracking the best places covered by mobile networks for Android devicesDeveloped and published by OpenSignal.com. This software allows its users to access satellite maps to view cell towers and select the best covered areas and the strongest towers to connect to mobile networks. In addition, there is a collection of free Wi-Fi hotspots on the maps that you can access and you will be able to use free Wi-Fi by visiting the specified sections. Apart from all the given explanations, it is better not to easily skip the lateral test capability of the network and use it to measure the download, upload and ping speeds of your connections with very high accuracy.

Some features and capabilities of 4G WiFi Maps & Speed ​​Test. Find Signal & Data Now Android:

  • Display the strongest cell towers on the screen
  • Connect download, upload and ping speed test
  • Supports a variety of network connections
  • Save all the results of the tests performed with accessibility to them
  • Comparison of coverage and connection quality on the map
  • Access to the fastest free Wi-Fi connections by map
  • Very simple and easy user interface

4G WiFi Maps & Speed ​​Test app . Find Signal & Data Now, with the support of a collection of different and unique features, has been able to get a score of 4.3 out of 5.0 by Google Play users with more than 50 million active downloads . You can now download the latest original version from the server. Get high speed Usroid .


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