5217for improved productivity v3.2 – Android leisure and work time management application Unlocked
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According to The Muse, frequent breaks during work can increase productivity and improve focus on activities. In addition, the work published in the summer of 2014 showed that the best work cycle is 52 minutes, along with a 17-minute delay that increases efficiency.  A 5217 for improved productivityIt is the title of a time cycle management program developed and published by Francisco Franco. With the help of this software, during the time intervals of 52 and 17 minutes, you will be able to focus on your activities in a very specific way and significantly increase productivity. One of the most important options included in this smart software is the super annoyance reduction system; By activating that device, it goes into silent mode and tries to protect you from any distractions. In addition, everything is in the hands of 5217 and you do not need to activate alarm access because this application automatically notifies users of 52 and 17 minute intervals. In addition, all you have to do is sync the app with your Android smartwatch to manage and interact with your interactions more intelligently.

Some features and capabilities of 5217for improved productivity Android application:

  • Unique 52 and 17 minute system support to increase efficiency
  • Ability to reduce annoyance by activating silent mode
  • Increase focus on your activities
  • Various shortcuts to start and stop your activities (in Android +7.1)
  • Screen lock protector for the remaining time of work and the amount of time left for breaks
  • Smart alarm at the beginning and end of the times listed

The 5217for improved productivity application , as one of the best programs to increase the efficiency of activities, has been able to receive a score of 4.7 out of 5.0 by Google Play users by paying within the network for $ 1.99 . site Farsrvyd downloaded.

Changes in version v3.2:

* Google support update + app troubleshooting.