A 724 v9.10.0 – The official 724 app for Android
tablets and phones, the original, official and ad-free version of the application
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With the advent of the Internet as a whole, as well as the advent of smartphones that could provide Internet access to billions of people and, with their proper hardware, become the platform for the development and implementation of various applications, everything is digital. Being is progressing. Due to their digital and computer nature and the readiness of the platform, banks soon became digital, and now most banking can be done without the need to go to bank branches in person. All you have to do is install the mobile app for your bank to access all the banking services you need. But if we have multiple accounts in different banks, we will have to install a separate application for each one. In such cases, it is necessary to have a versatile banking application. 724The title of a versatile banking application for the Android operating system, developed by the software group Saman Electronic Payment and published for free on Google Play. With 724 every day of the week and 24 hours, you can do card-to-card acceleration from different banks from anywhere you are. If you have a credit SIM card, it is easily possible to buy Irancell, Rytl and first mobile recharge charges. Also, buying all kinds of internet packages from Irancell, Hamrah-e-Awal and Rytl is easy to buy. In addition to paying various bills such as water, electricity, gas and telephone, you can also easily pay driving fines. To perform various transactions in this program, prizes have been considered that will be distributed as a lottery among users. In addition, you can predict different sports competitions with this application.

Some features and capabilities of Android 724 app : 

  • Card to card from 24 banks to all banks
  • Bank card inventory inquiry (all banks)
  • Inquiry for electricity bills, gas bills, water bills, landline phone bills and mobile bills
  • Pay electricity bills, gas bills, water bills, landline bills and mobile bills first
  • Car Violation Payment (Driving Penalty)
  • Pay Social Security Bill
  • Buy Irancell recharge, first mobile recharge and Rytl recharge
  • Buy the first mobile internet packages, Irancell internet and Rytl internet
  • Purchase insurance (electronic equipment insurance, travel insurance, building insurance, accident insurance)
  • Payment of freeway tolls
  • Traffic plan payment
  • Tavanir electricity bill payment
  • Kindness and helping charities
  •  Search for Sep Card discount centers
  • View Sep Card card balance and turnover
  • Helsa online laundry
  • Bluetooth payment (Bluetooth)
  • Tapsi application wallet charging
  • Recharge Reyhun application wallet
  • Buy and download movies and series (Seiko)
  • Mizanto Financial Credit Service
  • Electronic payment in parking lots
  • Payment by QR code
  • View small transactions of Sep card readers for acceptors
  • Friend to Friend (Introducing the app to friends)
  • Ability to send transaction receipts
  •  View transaction records
  •  Repeat the last purchase of charge and internet package
  • Chance Round (Receipt of Lottery Chance and Wallet Inventory)

App 724 is a great, comprehensive and very useful application for all users who have a lot of visits to banks or ATMs during the day and want to do all their banking work in different accounts in just one application. 724, with the satisfaction of Android users, has been able to get an excellent score of 4.6 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the original, official and non-promotional version of this program with all the features and capabilities from Usroid for free.