7Days – Decide your story v2.5.4 – Adventure and text-based game for 7 days for Android + trailer of
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7Days – Decide your story – Seven Days: Decide your story is the title of a very interesting and entertaining game in the form of an adventurous and mysterious game by Buff Studio Co., Ltd. Developed in South Korea, it is available in both free (limited) and paid (full and unlimited) versions. Usroid invites you to play a different story game by preparing a paid and purchased version of this game. Buff Studio already has some creative and interesting games like My OasisHe had produced and in the game project 7Days – Decide your story has gone to a new ideation. In this game, as its name implies, you have to determine your story with the decisions you will have. 7 Days is a purely text-based game, and you as the player, the only main task you can do is to choose between two or more options (often between two options). All options are English sentences and phrases, so only those who are relatively familiar with this language can enjoy playing this game and understand its story. 7Days – Decide your story Tells an interesting story from the suspended life of a young girl. Although the whole game is based only on your seemingly simple choices, but the rich story content of this game is very amazing and fun. You wake up in the role of this young girl and you do not know where you are. A mobile communication device is displayed next to you and a message is displayed. A message from an anonymous person who starts talking to you.


7Days - Decide your story


From this moment, your task begins to follow the game in the role of this character, by selecting options. The game continues with a few questions and answers until the character in front of you explains the story. The main character of the game, like several other people, lost their lives and were stuck in a suspended (purgatory-like) state to be tested. If these tests are performed as expected, you will be given another chance to live again! In the role of this young girl, you have 7 days to follow this strange and mysterious story and get more information about these cases by talking to different characters. Do not forget that the whole game process depends solely on your choices and decisions! You can have a good ending or a dramatic ending. There are several types of endings designed for this story that you may encounter one of them every time you start and end the game! This gameplay and attractive way of playing makes you choose options with more curiosity and high concentration. 7Days – Decide your story has been purchased more than 10,000 times and has also been able toAlso get a very good score of 4.7 out of 5.0 . Artistic graphics and interesting designs of the game have created an attractive atmosphere for it. In the following, you can get the latest update of the purchased version of the seven-day game in a tested and free form from Usroid, and with an amazing and adventurous game, you will have fun for a long time and an interesting story with your own choices in the way you expect You have to finish!

Changes in version v2.5.4:

* No changes have been mentioned for this version of the game on Google Play.