7Zipper – File Explorer is one of the best and most powerful software available for managing the archive of zip files for the Android operating system.Supplied. PolarBear soft programming studio has released this app for free on Google Play and with more than ten million downloads, it is one of the most downloaded Android file management programs! With this program you will be able to copy, move, delete, rename, backup, create zip files and extract them. It supports a wide range of compressed archives such as zip, alz, egg, tar, tar.gz, tar.bz2, gz, bz2, rar, jar, 7zip and lzh and is able to save text files for you Show! Contrary to the name 7Zipper; It is not only a compressor, but also performs other tasks such as copying, moving, deleting, renaming, using controls, backing up and launching programs, and also performs some of the most common file management operations for you. Gives!

Some features of Android 7Zipper file manager:

  • Connect to servers and hosts with FTP
  • Display the amount of memory used
  • Default program management
  • Easy and fast image size change
  • Search for files and find strings in file text
  • Having a task killer
  • Display system information (CPU , memory, battery, network, etc.)
  • View Flash Files (SWF)
  • Image display (GIF animation support)

7Zipper application – File Explorer has been downloaded +10.000.000 times by Android users around the world from Google Play and was able to get a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 ! To download the latest and latest version of the 7Zipper application for free and with a direct link from Usroid, join us, note that all the features of the application are available for free and the app does not need to be hacked .


7Zipper - File Explorer