8 Ball Pooling – Billiards Pro v0.3.25 + Mod – Sports and Fantasy Game “Professional 8 Ball” for Android
Regular version + Mod version (unlimited money) separately
Tested by running offline

A 8 Ball Pooling – Billiards Pro – بیلیارد 8 بال حرفه ای is an interesting and entertaining game in the sports genre from Tap Lab, a Hong Kong-based game developer known for games such as Magic Piano Tiles. It has been released for free for the Android operating system. This time, Usroid has obtained the game for the first time in Iran and has made it available for download on their servers so that you can download the latest version and install it on your Android device. In addition to the original version, we have also provided a modified version of the game for those who enjoy playing modified games. A 8 Ball Pooling – Billiards Pro offers a unique experience of a billiards game. The type of billiards in this game is the 8-ball world game. Tap Lab has tried to make this game an exclusive title with special features and unique characteristics. Hundreds, if not thousands, of billiards and 8-ball games have been produced and published to date. To make A 8 Ball Pooling – Billiards Pro stand out from other games, its creators have done some special work and taken an interesting approach. Perhaps one of the most important differences is the various types of playing fields. While the playing fields of traditional billiards games are rectangular, this game has different and unique shaped fields that offer a completely new experience of this sport.


A 8 Ball Pooling - Billiards Pro


In the game A 8 Ball Pooling – Billiards Pro, besides what has been mentioned, more things have been used to make this game unique. For example, various custom-made cues with different designs and fantasy models can also be seen in this game. Along with these, interesting and unusual effects in this game have made it possible to say that A 8 Ball Pooling – Billiards Pro is a completely sports title but with a fantasy twist. Whether this approach and these types of designs help to increase the popularity of this game is unclear, but what we all know is that many players are interested in fantasy games and games that break the norm. On the other hand, we know that hundreds of different titles of games of this genre have been released to date, and using such designs may be able to make this game stand out. However, it should be said that ultimately, it is the players’ taste that can determine the success or failure of a game. In the game A 8 Ball Pooling – Billiards Pro, just like any other similar billiards game, you must participate in simulated competitions of this sport and try to win the game according to the rules of 8 ball. To make the gameplay more attractive, special scores such as combo scores have been considered in this game so that if you can hit more than one ball into the pockets with one hit, you can get special scores. With interesting and likable designs, this game can be a special experience for fans of billiards-style games. So if you are one of these people, it is better not to miss A 8 Ball Pooling – Billiards Pro and download the latest version and a modded version of it from Usroid servers right now. You can also watch the game trailer video to better understand the style and context of the game and some of its most important features.