32 Secs: Traffic Rider v1.15.18 + Mod – A Graphic and Competitive Game for Android
Normal Version + Mod Version (Free Purchase) Separately Available
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A 32 secs: Traffic Rider – سی و دو ثانیه: رانندگی در ترافیک is an interesting, futuristic, and highly entertaining racing and motorcycle game developed by the Hungarian studio isTom Games. It is available for free on Google Play for Android mobile phones and tablets. A 32 secs: Traffic Rider is a fascinating racing and motorcycle game set in a modern and different world. In this game, you ride an advanced motorcycle that looks like a spacecraft and drive on different highways and roads, avoiding traffic. A 32 secs: Traffic Rider is similar to the game Cosmic Challenge. In this game, you participate in various street races and compete with other players and competitors to win the first place. The game features interesting challenges that you can overcome to become the king of the roads. The game developer has used a not-so-distant futuristic title to describe the game’s style and theme. These sci-fi designs have made A 32 secs: Traffic Rider a unique and special game in the Traffic Rider genre. The neon graphics and amazing lighting effects, along with the precise and abundant details, have multiplied the game’s attractiveness several times. The modern visual effects in the game give it a different look, and you will be facing a new, different, and highly entertaining game.


A 32 secs: Traffic Rider


In this scientific and imaginative game, you can earn money by participating in various competitions and winning them. With the money earned, you can buy new motorcycles or upgrade and improve them in different sections so that no one can beat you! By upgrading your motorcycles, you can bring more speed, better balance and handling, and higher resistance to them! You can also customize an exclusive and beautiful motorcycle for yourself with interesting personalizations. The game has different modes, each of which will be an interesting and entertaining challenge for you. In different stages of the game A 32 secs: Traffic Rider, you must always take care of ordinary citizens and other vehicles because if you collide with them, the health of your motorcycle decreases and its performance also weakens. Of course, in the competition section, you can also knock out your rivals from the field by hitting them from the sidelines while causing the least damage to your motorcycle. The game 32 secs: Traffic Rider has become a trendy game with more than 10 million downloads and a score of 4.1 out of 5.0 on Google Play. You can download the regular or modded version of this game from Usroid and enjoy the ultimate graphics in exciting competitions of this game!