A Foreign Land of Us v1.1.2 – Awesome adventure and puzzle game “Land Away from Home” for Android + Data
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A Foreign Land of Us is a very attractive and well-made title of a very beautiful and artistic game in the style of puzzle and adventure, which was produced and published for $ 1 by the Chinese studio CottonGame, and Usroid decided Until the release of the final version of this game on Google Play, prepare it and the purchased version and complete it at your request Provide for download. CottonGame Studio is one of the professional and active game companies in the field of making artistic and different titles. It can be said that almost all games made by this studio have common features, the most important of which is the language of simple and highly artistic design. These games have cartoon but very attractive designs that give them an abstract look. A very interesting and fictional game A Foreign Land of Us is no exception to this rule. In the game Land Away from Home, which is truly a lasting work of art, you are supposed to follow in the role of a young man his daily life, which has now been transformed by a big decision. The stories and adventures of this game are all told in a very relaxing and lovely way. These stories are presented to you in the form of various mini-games and puzzles and interactive, and you must identify them well before you do. The game is followed in several different sections and each section has a simple or complex puzzle. As soon as you solve each puzzle, you go to the next section, and as the puzzles are solved, the story of the game will continue.


A Foreign Land of Us


The story of A Foreign Land of UsIt is about a young man who, according to his daily habit, goes to the beach to relax from the sea. But one day when he goes to the beach, he finds a bottle that came to the beach from the sea. Inside the bottle is a ferry ticket. As soon as this young man sees this ticket, he thinks that maybe someone on the other side of the sea threw this ticket in the water to invite him to the other side of the water! That’s why the main character of the game decides to go to sea and embark on an adventurous journey! He packs up and gets ready for the trip. From the beginning, you have to help him in this way. For example, you should arrange her luggage with her belongings so that everything fits. With each part he enters, you have to solve a puzzle. The general nature of the puzzles in this game is very simple but still requires a high level of understanding. A Foreign Land of Us is an informative work of art that can show you interesting concepts of life from a special dimension. One of the most fascinating features of this game is its soothing and audible music that instills the feeling of the game in the best possible way for the players. If you are a fan of adventure and puzzle games and selected works in these genres, we recommend that you do not miss this fascinating and different game in any way, and now you have purchased the complete and complete version of A Foreign Land of Us as Tested and free of serversDownload Usroid and share your opinion about this title with us.

Changes in version v1.1.2:

* Release the first version of the game on Google Play.



Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.cottongame.zoomin folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.