AItype Keyboard Plus is a popular, powerful, feature-rich and beautiful keyboard from ai.type programming studio for Android , which is offered in both free and paid versions on Google Play, and at your request, its latest paid and free version for free. Download is available and in front of you! By installing this keyboard on your tablet or Android phone, you can type much faster than before and use features such as automatic text correction and powerful text prediction, and use beautiful emoticons in your SMS. This keyboard is from 35 living languages ​​of the world, including the sweet Persian language It supports and has beautiful themes such as Windows 10 and iPhone, with which you can give various looks to your smartphone keyboard and adjust the entire keyboard according to your taste with the desired colors! A wide range of features and capabilities are included in the heart of this app, the example of which you will not find together in any application! If you are looking for one of the most complete and powerful Android keyboards, do not miss the plus and paid version of this keyboard in any way!

Some features and capabilities of AItype Keyboard Plus Android application:

  • Having smart functions to suggest the next word!
  • Having intelligent and practical functions for automatic correction of wrong words
  • Ability to customize the application skin, fonts and… by users
  • Having a stylish look with a great and lovely interface

Keyboard ai.type keyboard Plus + Emoji hundreds of thousands of times by Android users around the world have purchased and downloaded by thousands rate from 5.0 to 4.4 could earn an excellent rating! You can download the latest and latest version of this keyboard with one click from Usroid high-speed servers and enjoy having the most complete and powerful Android keyboard!


ai.type keyboard Plus + Emoji