A Soft Murmur v2.1.1 Unlocked – a calming sound collection app to increase focus on Android!
Unlocked version with all the features presented to you

Mental worries and lack of concentration after heavy work and busy days can cause serious psychological damage to people. At the end of each day, different people rest to start a new and energetic day, but lack of concentration can easily disrupt this process. A Soft Murmur app is a collection of natural and soothing sounds created by Gabriel Martin for Android operating systemHas been published and can significantly help you relax! Scientists’ research has shown that natural sounds in nature are very calming and can calm and put different people to sleep in a short time! The sounds used in the A Soft Murmur application also include sounds found in nature such as the sound of the river, sea, lightning, rain, etc., which you can relax in a very short time by performing them in your resting environment. Reach out and forget about mental problems! One of the features of the introduced program is the ability to mix existing sounds so that you will be able to combine several sounds such as wind, forest and صدای to create a unique soothing sound. . A Soft MurmurIt also has the ability to run in the background, where you can listen to a unique and relaxing sound while working with your smartphone. From this application, we can mention rest, deep sleep, increased concentration, relaxation at work, and و!

Some features and capabilities of A Soft Murmur Android app:

  • A categorized collection of natural and soothing sounds such as the sound of fireplace, wind, rain and صدای
  • Unparalleled ability to combine sounds to create your own unique soothing sound
  • Play sounds in the background
  • Professional timer to set the playing time of sounds
  • Share sounds made with your friends on other social networks

A Soft Murmur application , being in the lifestyle category by the Play Store, has been able to get a score of 4.2 out of 5.0 with in-network payment, which you can do to increase concentration and comfortable rest, completely free of charge, with all the features. Download from Usroid .

Changes in version v2.1.1:

* Troubleshooting program problems