Abi: A Robot’s Tale v5.0.3 – An interesting adventure game for Android about runaway robots
Price $2.99 and a full rating of 5 out of 5 on Google Play – Full version offered to you
Tested with completely offline execution

Abi: A Robot’s Tale is a popular, interesting, and entertaining game in the strategic, adventure, and intellectual genres from the game development studio Lilithgames, the creator of the famous game Art of Conquest (AoC) for Android devices, which is available for $2.99 on Google Play. As always, we have decided to introduce it to you, dear fans of special games, at the same time as its release and for the first time in Iran, and bring it to your attention once again! The general story of Abi: A Robot’s Tale is explained by the creator as follows: “With technological advances, our lives increasingly rely on machines; but is this good?! Technology can mislead us, but it can also be our salvation! One day in the distant future, the robot Abi finds another robot named DD and they escape from the warehouse where they were imprisoned! When they get outside, they discover that humans have mysteriously disappeared from the Earth. Where have the humans gone and what could explain their disappearance? This is unknown to you, Abi, and DD, and you are curious to know what happened!” Join the lovable characters Abi and DD in the game Abi: A Robot’s Tale and start your new adventure! The easy switch between robots is available for you, and you can use each of them in a specific section! If you are a fan of special games, do not miss Abi: A Robot’s Tale.


Abi: A Robot's Tale


The game Abi: A Robot’s Tale has had less than 10 sales and has managed to earn a perfect score of 5.0 out of 5.0. We at Usroid have purchased the first version and provided the complete version for download, and you can first see some gameplay images and finally, if you wish, download it with one click from the site’s high-speed servers. Finally, it should be noted that the game Abi: A Robot’s Tale has been tested by us and runs smoothly without any problems.

Installation and Execution Guidelines for the Game:

– Download the data file and extract it from the compressed format. Copy the com.Lilith.Abi folder to the internal memory path Android/Obb.