[AccuBattery – Battery Health v1.5.1.1 [Pro – Android Battery Protection App
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The batteries of smart devices have a limited life, each time we charge them, a large amount of energy storage cells in the battery are destroyed and its capacity is reduced; Scientific research shows that by charging the battery up to 80% at a time, its life can be doubled and it can work with a smartphone for a longer time without energy storage problems. AccuBattery – Battery Health Pro Unlocked is a useful and essential application for battery protection provided by Digibites for Android.Developed and published on Google Play. With AccuBattery plug you will be able to monitor the battery consumption of your smart device and view complete information on the first page of the software. There are several different features in the list of features of this smart app, among which we can mention the charge alarm system; So that when the battery charge reaches 80% of the program, we warn you to immediately stop charging your mobile phone. As you know, some charging cables charge the battery faster or slower for some reason, which Akubatri also helps its users in this regard and makes you choose the most suitable cable.

Some features and capabilities of AccuBattery – Battery Health Android application:

  • Battery charge alert system as soon as the charge reaches 80%
  • Display the remaining time that the device can operate
  • Information on the amount of charge consumed in both operation and standby times
  • Understand how much each app uses the device battery
  • Measure the main capacity of a smartphone battery
  • Use dark themes to save charge on OLED pages
  • Extra system for identifying suitable charging cable

Application AccuBattery – Battery Health Due to their special abilities in maintaining battery health has been able to pay in-network $ 19.99 Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0 by users, Google acquired can now use the newest version of the professional program Download from the huge database of Usroid site; Our version includes all monetary features.


AccuBattery - Battery Health