Actraiser Renaissance v1.0.0 + Mod – fascinating action and adventure game “Renaissance Hero” for Android phones
Purchased version of the game for $ 19.99 + mod version (infinite SP) presented to you separately
Tested with offline performance

Actraiser Renaissance – Another remake of SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. It is in the style of action and adventure games, the first version of which was released in 1990 for the NES console. SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd. To celebrate this nostalgic and classic game, on the occasion of its 30th anniversary, it introduced and released a remastered version of it and released it for various platforms such as PlayStation 4, Android, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch and made players Many from all over the world who were interested in this series of games will be thrilled. At your request, we decided to prepare the Android version of this expensive game and provide it to you dear ones in a tested form. If you are familiar with the famous games of SQUARE ENIX studio, such as the popular FINAL FANTASY game series, you must know that these games and other titles published by this developer have been published at high prices on Google Play, and Actraiser Renaissance is one of them. The rule is no exception. This game is sold at a high price of $ 19.99 on Google Play, but you do not need to pay any money to experience this game, and you can get the purchased and complete version from Farsroid for free, and from the experience of one Enjoy premium and classic games to the fullest. Follow us with the general introduction of this game.

Actraiser Renaissance


Actraiser Renaissance brings you a unique experience of a nostalgic arcade game in action and adventure style. The gameplay of the game is designed in the style of platformer, just like most famous games of the 90s, and in the remade version of this title, we see the same design with the same features, but the main difference between this game and the original version is better graphics, smoother gameplay and More effects. If we do not consider these cases, Actraiser Renaissance is exactly the same original game that has been released for more than 30 years! In addition to being an action-platformer game, it is also an urban simulation game, which in turn is one of the first video games in the world to introduce such a genre. Although the creator of the game, like other titles he has published, has considered a complete storyline for this game, but its totality is related to the constant battle of good and evil and war between humans and evil forces, which years ago was the headquarters of humans and They have occupied their lands, and now, after centuries, you have decided to take revenge and destroy the enemy in order to take back what belongs to humans. This means that you have started a dangerous adventure and you must follow it to the end. Game designs, unlike the original version, which were completely two-dimensional, have a 2.5D mode and have made the game more attractive. It is interesting to know that Actraiser Renaissance game can be run at a rate of 60 frames per second and will provide you with a different experience of a platformer and retro game. To download this beautiful and expensive game, all you have to do is download the latest complete and purchased version through Farsroid direct links.

Note: In SP mode version is unlimited; You will see this feature after going through the training steps and when using Flying Angel.