Adam Wolfe: Dark Detective (Full) v1.0.0 – Adventure and puzzle game “Adam Wolf” for Android,
purchased and complete version of the game for $ 8.99, presented to you,
tested with offline execution

Adam Wolfe: Dark Detective Mystery Game – Adam Wolfe: Dark DetectiveIt is the title of an amazing work of art in the form of an adventurous and criminal adventure game. The game was developed by the fledgling studio Mad Head Games doo Novi Sad in Serbia and is available in two free (limited) and paid (full) versions for $ 8.99 for Android phones and tablets. Usroid is proud to announce that it has reviewed this game after its release and has now provided the paid and exclusive purchased version of it for free and fully tested to you dear ones. As mentioned, this game is available for both free and paid. The free version of the game contains only one chapter (one part) of the game and users who have installed it have to pay for the full version to experience other parts and sections of the game. But you can easily download the full and purchased version of this game from Usroid and from the unlimited version of Adam Wolfe: Enjoy Dark Detective Mystery Game. Adam Wolf’s game, although it does not have a very new story form, but the creators of this game should be highly praised for making such a work. This game is one of the highest level mobile games in the adventure and crime genre, which has become one of the top mobile games with a unique combination of puzzle and puzzle items along with an amazing storyline.


Adam Wolfe: Dark Detective Mystery Game


در Adam Wolfe: Dark Detective Mystery GameYou play the main character of the game, a man named Adam Wolf. Adam is a secret and special detective who has worked on paranormal cases for many years and has become the most prominent detective in this field. But one day Adam’s younger sister disappears and then Adam day and night seeks a way to find him. 2 years pass from this story and Adam gets more clues. Meanwhile, at a time when he seems to have managed to find important evidence in connection with the case of his sister’s disappearance, strange things happen in the city of San Francisco and the police ask Adam to solve strange stories and cases. And strangers who are happening are asking for help. Are these events and currents related to the disappearance of Adam’s sister? Is the negative character of the story looking to find Adam with these actions? Nothing is known! Adam Wolfe: Dark Detective Mystery Game is very rich and well designed in terms of story and its scenarios are very professionally put together. It should also be said that in terms of characterizations, this game has a lot to say. The main style of the game is first-person adventure games and Hidden Objects. The gameplay is followed by Point and Click. The game has 4 main sections in which you travel to dozens of different locations and solve more than 50 types of puzzles and riddles. The game also has an interesting help system that you can use if you can not do the puzzles. Adam Wolfe: Dark Detective Mystery Game is also excellently designed in terms of graphic details, and along with these designs, animations and very attractive cutscenes have been considered for it, which has made this game a complete and professional package. Be.Download Usroid .



Game installation and running instructions:

– First download and install the installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it. Copy the com.madheadgames.adamwolfes01googfull folder to the Android / obb path of the device’s internal storage.

– Run the game.