Adapticons v1.2.1 build 12 [Pro] – Icon application and design application for Android
Professional and full version worth $ 0.99 Dedicated to you dear ones

Different smartphones are produced by different companies around the world; These companies try to use their own launchers as much as possible for personalization, but if you have noticed, despite the differences in the home screens, the icons are the same and few people pay attention to this monotony. Normally, users go to the icon packs to eliminate these monotony, but the design of the icons in these large collections may not be eye-catching either! But one of the most important features of Android is complete control over its various parts! Adapticons Pro Title is an application for creating and designing application icons, which was developed by Damian Piwowarski and published on Google Play. This software is a good way to have custom icons so that you can design great icons according to your taste and have complete comments on them. There are several different forms available to the users of this startup, the use of which will increase creativity in the field of design. No coding is required to match the icons to the active theme, and just a few simple touches will remove any restrictions. As mentioned above, it is up to you to make any changes to the icons created and you can share the final result of your designs with your friends on other smartphones.

Some features and capabilities of Adapticons Android application:

  • Ability to create incredibly beautiful and attractive icons
  • Access to a variety of shapes to diversify your designs
  • Match the designed icons with the active theme
  • Use various icon packs to eliminate any design flaws
  • Choose a color, adjust the amount of shadows, size and… for each of the icons
  • Share custom designed icons with your friends

The Adapticons app has been released on Google Play for free with a $ 0.99 in-network payment, taking advantage of its diverse personalization capabilities, and you can now download the latest professional version without any hassle. Get a limit on the facilities of Usroid website .

Changes in version v1.2.1 build 12:

* Fixed application problems


Adapticons Pro