Add music to video – background music for videos v2.8 – app to add music to Android video background
Professional and complete version of the program worth $ 13.99 for the first time in Iran

One of the reasons users use more attractive editing tools is to show their images or video files. Each software according to its features provides users with special features, each of which affects your files in some way. We may all take videos of ourselves and our friends during the summer holidays, the honeymoon, or our travels. Merging these clips together is very enjoyable and can have a great output. One of the best ways to enhance your video game is to use the background music that doubles the beauty of our music videos. In many applications, this feature is provided to users as an option, but there will be no tools available in this area! Add music to video – background music for videos is the title of an application to add music to the background of video files, which was developed by KITE GAMES STUDIO and published on Google Play. The main and biggest difference between this software and other similar tools is its specificity in this field; In such a way that the set of features provided only focuses on adding music to the clips and helps us to add our desired sound to our clips in a much more pleasant way. Simply adjust the volume of the selected sound and cut out parts of the music that you are not interested in if needed. More than 25 different styles of music are supported by this program, which helps anyone with any interest to create attractive clips. Another popular feature is the special sound effects, which are multiplied by applying them to the selected music. The quality of the output files is very high and you will never face any quality loss.

Some features and capabilities of Add music to video – background music for videos Android:

  • Add background music to video files
  • Ability to record your own voice and add it to your clips
  • Ability to cut custom sections of video or audio files
  • Fantastic sound effects to add background music at its best
  • Select your favorite music from the smartphone’s internal memory
  • Supports 25 different music styles worldwide
  • Simple and easy user interface without complicated options
  • Quality and attractive output


Add music to video – background music for videos application with the benefit of its special features and capabilities has been released by its developer for free with a payment within the network of $ 13.99 on Google Play, which you can now download the latest professional version. Download it without any restrictions from the large Usroid website.


Add music to video - background music for videos