Today, we are going to introduce the official version of the popular software and the familiar name of Photoshop image editing, a product from Adobe company for Android smartphones and tablets, which you can have on your mobile phone to have all the features and capabilities of the computer version of Photoshop in Bring your Android phone! The company has released its Photoshop software in two versions of Adobe® Photoshop® Touch and Photoshop Touch for phone in the Android MarketIt has made it available to the public, the former for Android tablets and the latter for smartphones, and by having it on your phone or tablet, you will be able to make your photos more attractive and edit your gallery images with more creativity and experience. Bring the best and most enjoyable photo editing program on your Android phone. With this software, you can easily combine images, apply professional effects and share images professionally with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter, and take advantage of other features.


Adobe® Photoshop® Touch and Photoshop Touch for Android phone


Now release tablet Photoshop software in the Play Store at a price of $ 9.99 and version smartphone with $ 4.99 in sales is due to its high price of wallowing users located both a rating of 3.8 out of 5.0 Are! If you have an Android tablet or smartphone and would like to bring the official version of Photoshop in it, we have them for you today; For the convenience of Android users, we decided to introduce both versions of the program in one post so that you can easily access them; Not to mention that this post will be updated over time and the new version will replace the previous version!

Some features, capabilities and features of Adobe Photoshop Android software:

* Use PC Photoshop features including layers, selection tools, filters and more

* Ability to place texts with beautiful effects on your gallery photos

* Ability to use the phone’s camera and fill the layer by taking the desired image directly

* Ability to combine fast, easy and professional images to create fantastic photos by the user

* Ability to synchronize Photoshop of your phone or tablet with the computer to continue editing and other tasks

* Availability of all Photoshop features in one column on the left side of the program

* Ability to resize brushes with a button in the left column of the software

* Ability to import photos to the program with a button at the top of the page from Facebook, gallery, etc.

* Ability to full screen the application environment for more accurate and professional management of editing

* Have amazing effects and tail to apply on photos with one click

* Ability to write by hand and phone pencil by the user with the desired font and color on the screen

* Having a very beautiful and stylish user interface; User friendliness and availability of all tools

If you are looking for the most complete, best and most powerful image editing application, do not miss the Adobe Photoshop software and download the latest version from Usroid for your mobile phone! If you want to get acquainted with all the features and facilities of the program, you can also watch the 7-minute trailer of the program , which will explain all the features of the program to you one by one, and will amaze you by drawing extremely beautiful drawings. Excited! So stay with us…

The latest version for tablet and smartphone + trailer…


Adobe® Photoshop® Touch and Photoshop Touch for Android phone




Adobe® Photoshop® Touch & Photoshop Touch for phone



Adobe® Photoshop® Touch & Photoshop Touch for phone



Adobe® Photoshop® Touch & Photoshop Touch for phone



Adobe® Photoshop® Touch & Photoshop Touch for phone



Adobe® Photoshop® Touch & Photoshop Touch for phone