Advanced Download Manager Pro v12.6.4 Final – the latest and most paid version of ADM Download Manager for Android
Unlocked version – Professional + Mode version (Mode feature listed below) separately
Special offer

Advanced Download Manager Pro is one of the best and most powerful professional and advanced file management applications for the Android operating system, which is offered by the Advanced App programming studio for free with in-app payments in the Play Store. It is considered the best download management software. In terms of features, this software can be considered almost the same as the Internet Download Manager (IDM) software on your computer, and by having it on your phone, you can download your files at a higher speed. Simple and classic user interface, no annoying ads and the ability to download multiple files simultaneously or download a scheduled file are the key features of this program that make it to all people who are looking for a powerful and advanced download manager. We suggest. If you are looking for a great program for your professional download management, the Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader program will undoubtedly attract your attention with its dozens of great features, including setting links for download at the appointed time, and it is worth trying has! Of course, if you are one of the people who download files a lot on the Internet, you will soon feel the need to have a download management program because the browser download manager has no features and sometimes downloads files incompletely, so It is best to install ADM on your device right now.

Some of the features and capabilities of the Advanced Download Manager Pro Android application:

  • Ability to download files simultaneously and in parallel up to 3 different files
  • Resume support to resume download at any time
  • Awareness of the completion of downloaded files with vibration or special ringtones
  • Shred files to download and download faster than usual
  • Displays the file type and download progress icon in the notification bar
  • Ability to back up downloads and settings made in memory
  • Automatically save files in different formats in separate folders
  • Track and receive links from browser and clipboard memory
  • Ability to download scheduled to automatically download the file at the specified time
  • Supports all browsers Firefox, Explorer, Google Chrome and…


Advanced Download Manager & Torrent downloader software is now available in the Android Market for free with in-app payment, which we at Usroid provide the latest full version for free to your regular users and we hope you like it. It is better to mention that the version available in Iranian markets is the FREE and incomplete version of the program and its features are much less than the unlocked version that we have included.


Important + additional points:

1 – The program supports Persian language
2 – It is possible to download and save the file on the memory card – memory
3 – Mode feature: In the mod version, a series of optimizations have been done to make the program faster + all languages except English and Russian have been removed
4 – For information: This program was initially paid, but later became free with in-app payment, the most complete version of which is now available to you.


Advanced Download Manager Pro Android