Advanced Download Manager Pro v10.2 Final – The newest and latest paid version of the downloadable ADM Manager for Android
Pro version is basically a paid version and has more features than the free version .
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Advanced Download Manager Pro is another of the best and most powerful professional and advanced management applications on download files for Android operating system, which has a score of 4.6 out of 5 in the Play Store and is one of the most popular and best download management software. River. In terms of features, this software can be considered almost the same as the Internet Download Manager (IDM) software on the computer, and by having it on your phone, you can download your files at a higher speed. Simple and classic user interface, no annoying ads and the ability to download multiple files simultaneously are the key features of this program that we recommend to all people who are looking for a powerful and advanced download manager.

Some features and features of the Advanced Download Manager Pro Android application:

  • Ability to download files simultaneously and in parallel up to 3 different files
  • Resume support to resume downloads at any time
  • Be aware of the completion of downloadable files with vibration or special ringtones
  • Multiply files to download and download faster than usual
  • Display file type icon and download progress in the notification bar
  • Ability to back up downloads and settings made in memory
  • Save files in different formats in separate folders automatically
  • Track and receive links from browser and clipboard memory
  • Ability to download timed to automatically download the file at the specified time
  • Supports all Firefox, Explorer, Google Chrome and… browsers.

Pro Advanced Download Manager Pro now on Android Market for $ 1.99 sold we Usroid latest version of it for free at your disposal and we always put the Psndtan occur. It is also worth mentioning that the version available in US markets is the FREE and free version of the program, and its features are much less than the paid version that we have included.


Advanced Download Manager Pro Android



Here are some tips on using Advanced Download Manager Pro:

1) Make your Android smartphone English for a few moments.
2) When you have time to select the program to turn on and off the program to download your files, the numbers of those times should be typed in English, not Persian. Therefore, you should select the phone language only when you have the time. The
language of your smartphone should be English, but when you select the times, you can change the language of your phone to Persian again.

3) If you want to download the phone with your internet, check the on / of f mobile internet option.
4) Note that when you have checked the download files option, drag down the top drawer of your smartphone and see that it has three different times on the IMD software with English letters.
5) From now on, if you no longer want to change the times you gave the program to start and end the download, you no longer need to set the time again and make the phone language English, but from now
on, just check the download files option. and over.
6) When you no longer use your smartphone and you want to turn off the screen, make sure that the program is fully open, that is, fully open screen.