Advanced voice recorder -Background voice recorder v1.2.4.6 – Advanced and intelligent Android voice recording application
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Advanced voice recorder -Background voice recorderTitle is an advanced and intelligent Android voice recording application developed by coolncoolapps and published on Google Play. We all find ourselves in a situation where we need a recording tool throughout our lives. Usually students or journalists make the most of such a tool. One of the main reasons for using sound recording systems is to keep as much detail as possible. However, some people around us take notes to prevent some information from being forgotten; But the point to note is that you can never put too much detail in the text. Unlike in the past, we do not need to buy a tape recorder to record audio, and we can use our smartphones to store audio frequencies around us. Android smartphones have a voice recording tool by default; But you should know that this program does not have advanced and desirable features. During our reviews, one of the best audio recording programs in the Android Market is Advanced voice recorder -Background voice recorder, which we intend to fully introduce in this post. So join us to get more acquainted with this startup.

Advanced voice recorder -Background voice recorder An advanced program for recording sound

After installing Advanced voice recorder -Background voice recorder and in the first encounter with the main screen, what attracts your attention is the very simple environment and various features provided. The capabilities of this Android voice recorder are so great that we are confused to introduce and address them! However, the first thing to note is the very high quality of the recorded sounds. This startup tries to make the most of all hardware resources and provide its users with clear sound with the least possible noise. The point that the developer has mentioned many times in his description is the start and end system of audio recording. There is no need to run the program to start audio recording, and you can start or stop the recording process just by touching the volume keys, or the power key.

Advanced Voice Recorder is the best option for recording scheduled sounds

Another feature of Advanced voice recorder -Background voice recorder that looks very attractive and efficient is the timed sound recording system. With the help of this feature, there is no need to touch any smartphone and the whole process of recording and stopping it is completely automatic. To take advantage of this feature, select the three-dot icon from the bottom bar of the program environment and touch Schedule voice recording. In the screen that appears, select the ADD option and then set the recording start time and recording time. Now the software starts the recording process at the specified time. In addition, if you use secondary microphones to record your sounds, just change the sound recording source from the settings menu and make sure that your secondary microphone is used to record quality sound.

A set of professional audio recording features in one package

As we mentioned in the above description, the Advanced voice recorder -Background voice recorder feature set is not included in one post, but we can mention other available features to protect users’ privacy. To protect saved audio files, set a PIN code so that other users and those around you will not be able to access the recorded audio. In addition, another option that significantly increases information security is data storage on Dropbox and Google Drive cloud servers! You can configure the settings so that the sounds recorded by the software are sent to your desired cloud server after storage and the local file, the original file, is automatically deleted from the smartphone memory.

Some features and capabilities of Advanced voice recorder -Background voice recorder Android:

  • High quality surround sound recording
  • Intelligently manage all recorded sounds
  • Supports storing audio in two different formats
  • Option to adjust the audio recording source to suit your needs
  • Limit the duration of audio recording or continue recording indefinitely
  • Save audio files recorded on Dropbox and Google Play cloud servers
  • Option to delete recorded memory sounds after uploading to cloud servers
  • Protect information with the help of PIN code
  • Customize the beginning and end of the audio recording process with the help of volume keys
  • Determine the audio storage directory according to your needs
  • A set of fantastic settings for timed and automatic audio recording
  • Ability to cut recorded sounds
  • Share voices with just the touch of an option on social networks and messengers
  • Option to change the application icon

اپلیکیشن Advanced voice recorder -Background voice recorder با بهره مندی از امکانات و قابلیت های خاص در زمینه ضبط صدا های اطراف و هم چنین سفارشی سازی فرآیند ضبط صدا توسط توسعه دهنده اش به صورت رایگان همراه با پرداخت درون شبکه 2.49 دلاری منتشر و امتیاز 4.5 از Received 5.0 by users. Now you can download the latest professional version of this startup without any restrictions on features in a fully tested form from the huge database of Farsroid website .


Advanced voice recorder -Background voice recorder