Adventurous Box v1.0.45 – Adventure and challenging game “Adventure Box” for Android with a trailer of
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Adventurous Box – Adventurous Box (released under the full name of Adventurous Box | World of Traps) is an interesting, compact and admirable game in the style of adventure games and a combination of puzzle, action and fun games by the game studio. D PASAHAN Game Studio India is available in two versions: regular (free and limited) and paid (full and unlimited version). Usroid for the first time among all Iranian sitesBy preparing and presenting the purchased and Full version of this game, it invites you to download and try a very interesting and addictive game. Adventurous Box | World of Traps is a seemingly very simple game with minimalist designs in an abstract and unknown world. Where you, in the role of a white box, prepare for an adventure and embark on a risky journey. A journey that will bring you hundreds of challenges in the form of deadly obstacles and traps! This game has several stages that take place in several different worlds. The main objectives of the game is to collect white stones that are placed in different parts of the map. By collecting all these square stones and going to the final part in each stage, you can successfully pass that stage and go to the next stage. The traps that will be placed in your path are of different types and shapes. It is interesting to know the advanced mechanism of Adventurous Box game World of Traps has caused the performance of these traps to be different each time that stage is performed. It may even be doneThe game will change the type and style of these traps after a few minutes! Therefore, we recommend that you first get acquainted with the exact type of each of these traps before crossing them. You have to move or jump on objects on flat surfaces, continue the path and move the game map up and down.

Some features of Adventurous Box game World of Traps Android:

  • Has 20 different stages (world) with special mechanisms and features
  • Hundreds of obstacles, physical puzzles and deadly traps fixed or moving
  • Change the movement pattern or type of operation of the traps each time the game is played
  • Smooth gameplay, simple and at the same time very challenging
  • Incredibly beautiful and relaxing background music
  • Minimalist graphics with two-dimensional designs
  • No IAP capability or in-app payment (no need to purchase or unlock a specific item)
  • No ads and very convenient volume

Adventurous Box | World of Traps invites you to a challenging puzzle game that requires quick reactions at the right timing to win. This game is full of deadly traps that will destroy you with the slightest negligence! So the exact timing and focus of the instructions is to succeed in this game. In the following, you can easily download the final version of this game as purchased and tested from Usroid . It is worth mentioning that this game, with more than 1000 purchases and downloads on Google Play, was able to score 4.4 out of 5.0 .


Adventurous Box