Afterpulse – Elite Army v2.9.12 – Extraordinary third person action game for Android AfterPulse with data,
a graphic game with great gameplay and addictive gameplay
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Afterpulse – Elite Army is a new game with stunning HD graphics and addictive gameplay in the style of third-person action games from the popular GAMEVIL studio for Android . for the first time in IranIntroduce it to you, the fans of action games, and provide you with the download link! This game is very similar to the Call of Duty game series, except that Afterpulse is presented with stunning graphics for Android devices, which is unrivaled in its kind! On the other hand, this online and group game will be reminiscent of the legendary Kanter game, select the desired soldier and collect money in any way so that you can buy new weapons and double your power! The game begins with practice and you will soon enter the story stages of the game; Everything has changed, this title is exactly the next generation of mobile game in shooter and action style! It’s time to prepare for a fierce battle and a massive battle with the soldiers! Excellent details and specifically designed for the mobile platform, you have to have a stable internet to fully enjoy Afterpulse!


Afterpulse Android Games


As mentioned in the title, you are faced with a third-person game, which means that like popular games such as Modern Combat 5, you can take full control and guidance of the game’s character and move wherever you like! If you have a good internet speed, play Afterpulse – Elite Army right nowInstall and run and then join a group and fight the enemies of the group! Become a soldier you love: Build and play your soldier without limits, all kinds of clothes and faces will help you create a scary soldier who will instill fear in the hearts of your enemies! Features of the game also include things like having stunning console graphics, including a variety of different missions and storytelling, providing more than 35 different weapons with the possibility of upgrading, the possibility of multi-person combat up to 8 people, the possibility of Customization of the main character, excellent sound and touch controllers and addictive gameplay! You can download this wonderful game from Usroid and be one of the first global users to experience it!

Attention :

play online Afterpulse is to run forever on the Internet needs; If you encounter a connection error, activate your filter breaker.
if the game was not high Bratan do the following things (from Dvstmvn MR.B also thank for that
matter) the game is not compatible with some devices; If your size is very important to you, go for similar games.
. If you encounter a license error, first download 1 MB of the game from Google Play and cancel the download and then install the Usroid version.

1_ Go to settings.
2_Find the build number section and go seven with the method to open the developer option section
3_ go to the developer option section and look for multiprocess webview and click to activate.
Play safely.



Afterpulse game installation and execution instructions:

– Download and install the game installation file.

– Download the data file and decompress it and put the com.dle.afterpulse folder in the Android / obb path.

– Finally run the game.