Age of 2048: World City Building Games v2.5.1 – Interesting game “Asr 2048: City Construction” for Android + trailer
Another creative and entertaining game from the Age of 2048 series
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Age of 2048: World City Building Games – Age 2048: City Construction Another NLABSOFTT studio game Co., Ltd. South Korea is the success of the previous episode of Age of 2048: Civilization City Building GamesProduced and released for free for Android phones and tablets. We also decided to introduce this game to you dear ones as usual and for the first time in Iran, and to prepare the latest official update for download. Age of 2048: World City Building Games in terms of appearance and interior design is exactly like the game Age of 2048: Civilization City Building Games, but this time instead of building ancient cities and civilizations, in this game you will go to build modern cities. He left. This game and many others that have the number 2048 in their name are titles that are modeled on the famous 2048 game mechanism. If you are familiar with this game, you must know how popular it has become over the years and dozens of different types of games have been made from it so far. Now, a new generation of games has been released, modeled on the 2048 game system, which has some interesting differences. In 2048, you had to combine two identical numbers to make one larger number, and so you could combine larger identical numbers to get the final number, 2048. But in the new generation games, there are no numbers like this game, and this time you have to merge similar items with each other.


Age of 2048: World City Building Games


در Age of 2048: World City Building GamesYou can follow the game in several stages. To release the higher steps, you must first complete the lower steps. With the start of the process, you have a 4 by 4 floor with 16 squares inside. Each square is the position of a structure. Build a better building by combining the same basic structures. Then combine the new building with a similar building to create a newer building. This process should continue until you reach the end point. It requires a lot of intelligence, precision and focus, otherwise the challenge of this game is too hard for you. There are other interesting side effects in Age of 2048: World City Building Games. For example, there are certain auxiliary items during each step that you can use. For example, you can use a so-called cleansing item to clean and remove houses that have been filled without a purpose, or you can use another item called a hammer to remove one of the houses as you wish. In Age of 2048: World City Building Games, you will travel to different cities of the world and experience the special structures and features of each of them in these cities. This beautiful game with more than 100 thousand downloads on Google PlayScore 4.3 out of 5.0 . You can download it as a test from Usroid right now and entertain yourself for a long time with a simple and attractive game.

Note: If the mod version is ready for download.