Age of Apes – عصر میمون ها is a new and enjoyable strategy game from tap4fun game studio, specifically designed for Android, which is available for free on Google Play, and its latest update is now available. The story of the game is that the human world has come to an end, and the age of apes has begun! All the apes are searching for bananas! This search has gone so far that they have decided to build rockets to launch into space and continue their search for bananas there! Be the first tribe to reach the goal! Create your own ape band, have a powerful tribe of apes, and collect all the bananas for yourself. Various apes with unique abilities are present in the game, which you can use in your monkey battles. Your enemies are also equipped with special skills, and you must prepare your own monkey tribe to face a wide range of mutated and other monkeys. If you are a fan of strategy and online games, Age of Apes with its unique features and extraordinary construction will undoubtedly capture your attention and is worth trying.

Some of the features of the strategic game Age of Apes – Android Monkey Age:

  • Managing the base, creating an army and forming a tribe of monkeys, and leading them towards war
  • Customizing your tribe members with unique tags and features
  • Exploring the extraordinary world of the game and striving for victory by participating in wars
  • Choosing from 6 different groups of legendary monkeys as desired
  • Using power plants to supply missiles and guide them
  • Fighting against monkeys from other tribes and participating in extensive PVP wars
  • Joining forces with online players from around the world and members of other tribes
  • Creating resource caravans or stealing from other resource caravans!
  • Developing your own base to dominate the world and introduce yourself as the strongest player

The game Age of Apes has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times by Android users worldwide from Google Play and is considered one of the most popular and well-made Strategy games. You can first see images and videos of the gameplay and finally, if you wish, download the latest version along with the daya from high-speed servers of Usroid and have fun for days.

1 – This is an online game
2 – It cannot be hacked and does not have a mod version – do not ask about mods
3 – The game server is not filtered and you do not need any anti-sanction program to enter the game.
4 – The game has been tested by the Usroid team and runs without any problems.


Age of Apes