AIDE – Android IDE – Java, C ++ (Premium Patched) v3.2.200727 – Great application for Android programming!
Premium and unlocked version with all the features without the need for a key

AIDE – Android IDE – Java, C ++ Full is a powerful and excellent software in the field of programming from the appfour programming group for the Android operating system, which is at the top of the top Android tool applications with millions of downloads from Google Play, and today We intend to introduce it. If you want to use your Android device directly to create and develop real applications and you no longer need a computer, we suggest that you do not miss the AIDE application in any way! Yes, this application fully and professionally supports the cycle of editing, compiling and running the application in the environment of the Android operating system, and using it, you can use the code with the advanced software editor and the possibility of automatic completion of the code. Write errors instantly, write intelligent code guides, etc., and finally run the written program with just one click!

Some features and capabilities of AIDE – Android IDE – Java, C ++ Android application:

  • Ability to create a sample program easily with just one click
  • Ability to create a variety of Xml and Java programs, C and C Plus + and so on
  • Run all the programs made by you with just one click
  • Having a dedicated and intelligent repentance to correct and correct all errors in the code
  • Having other functions such as zoom, highlighting code, renaming, integrated log coat display, etc.


If you are looking for complete and powerful programming software, Usroid offers you the latest and greatest version of the great AIDE application – Android IDE – Java, C ++! The above application has a $ 5 key that is needed to activate the program, but the version that we provide to you in Usroid does not need a key at all, and all the facilities are easily in your hands just by installing the program!


AIDE - Android IDE - Java, C ++