Air Patriots in Persian ( Air Patriots ) is one of the most exciting and popular strategy, action and defense games for the Android operating system , in which you have the task of controlling aircraft with the help of your fingers and you have to track the plane with your finger. Specify and steer it in the different directions specified! Unlike other defense games in this game, your weapon is to use professional tactics and change the flight path. In this game, you have a base and the enemy intends to infiltrate it, and you must prevent them from entering with fighter jets and add new aircraft to your fleet by collecting achievements along the way.

Some features of Air Patriots Android game:

* Having great graphics and beautiful and rich images

* Availability of more than 5 0 achievements to increase equipment

* Get the highest score to get the best medal in each level

* Provide 7 unique maps

* Availability of 13 different aircraft types

The fun game Air Patriots is currently one of the most popular of its kind in the Android market with a score of 4.6 , and we at Usroid provide you with the latest version with a direct link, which you can read more In addition to viewing images of its surroundings; Get it with one click.

 Changes in version v1.26:

* Added new features

* Improved game graphics and bug fixes


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