It must have occurred to you that you want to manage an Android smartphone or tablet through your personal computer! There are several applications for the Android operating system that you can use to manage your phone; Today we are going to introduce one of the best, most powerful and complete Android management software through the Internet connection called  AirDroid , which in my opinion is the most complete and easiest Android manager program! With this app on your mobile, you can easily and in the fastest possible time by connecting to the general management Internet on your Android phone ! Although there are countless features in this application; Completely implemented inside the browser and unlike similar Android management software, it does not need to install additional programs on the computer!


Download AirDroid - the most powerful Android management program via the Internet!


So you will be able to manage your phone without the need for a USB cable and only by connecting the net; After connecting, you will be able to control your SMS, music, videos and applications on your Android phone in a very simple and user-friendly environment! Working with the program is so easy that after installing and running the program, you will encounter two options that you can easily connect to the network and through the browser and web address . Access sections such as messaging, galleries, apps and games , contacts, calendars, etc.! One of the unique features of this program is the ability to transfer data from heavy games from memory to memory card, which will only work on Android 4.0 and higher phones!

Some features and capabilities of the Android AirDroid app:

  • General management of installed programs and games by applying tasks such as deleting, installing, and so on
  • Manage various phone settings, including call selection
  • General management of contacts by doing things like creating, deleting and editing groups
  • View full information on battery charge, antenna, and internal and external memory
  • On the management front and rear camera, Android itself
  • Ability to send and receive SMS at high speed or make calls and manage calls
  • Possibility to find the missing phone through the program site and Google Maps (Google Maps)
  • High speed communication between phone, computer and application server

If you also want to learn how to work with  AirDroid , here’s a 10-minute video that professionally shows you everything from the moment you connect to work with different components. You can easily sort the connection! Not to mention that this program has been installed more than 30 million times so far and has a score of 4.3 out of 5.0, which shows its popularity among users. To get the latest version of the program, stay tuned to Usroid

Download the latest version of AirDroid software + video tutorial to work with it ..