Airline Flight Status Tracker v3.0.3 – Worldwide Flight Information Tracking App for Android
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Airline Flight Status Tracker is a worldwide flight tracking program published by Flextrela Corporation for $ 8.49 in the Play Store. This app helps its users complete and accurate flight informationAnd view real-time and route directions on world maps. Go to the application calendar to see all the flight information. One of the best features of this software is the display of details compared to similar programs, so that in case of any delay or air traffic on each flight, users are notified and the exact time of landing of the aircraft is displayed. More than 4 different filters are included in Airline Flight, and by selecting each of them, you will be able to filter the received information to your liking. In addition to public flights, commercial flights can also be tracked and brief information is available. In case of any delays for each flight, select the information in the program and share it with your friends so that they receive complete information about any problems before their flight.

Some features and capabilities of Android Airline Flight Status Tracker:

  • Create an application to customize the information received
  • Professional calendar to show all flight information every day
  • View the nearest airports and planes to your location
  • Information coverage of more than 1550 airlines in the form of regular and commercial flights
  • Supports 17,000 different airports worldwide
  • Filter incoming information based on various features
  • Display various information such as delays or air traffic on each flight
  • Weather forecast for the last 15 days
  • Share information with your friends on social networks

Application Airline Flight Status Tracker at a price of 8.49 USD has managed over 50 thousand downloads accounted for and points 3.8 to 5.0 to obtain that now have the most current version purchased from the server and high-speed site Usroid get .

Changes in version v3.0.3:

* Troubleshooting the app + new features


Airline Flight Status Tracker