Alan Walker-The Aviation Game v3.0.6 Mod – Arcade and entertainment game “Alan Walker: Flight” for Android
The regular version of the mod version (Unlimited Money) is tested separately
with offline execution

Alan Walker-The Aviation Game – Alan Walker: Flying is a very entertaining and challenging arcade-style entertainment game from the Swedish studio Hello There Games, which has been released for free for Android phones and tablets, and Usroid for the first time has prepared the latest version among all English sites and along with its modded version, has been prepared for download as a test and free of charge. Hello There Games Studio has already had the experience of making mobile games and popular games such as SkillTwins Football Game series had launched. In Alan Walker-The Aviation Game, the developer turned to world-renowned composer and DJ Alan Walker and produced a title attributed to him. As you probably know Alan Walker, you know how popular this talented young man has become among the people of the world. The artist has produced very interesting non-verbal music so far, and this high reputation is a reason for various media or companies to make works of art from his name and reputation. Alan Walker is known for his famous logo, which is a combination of the letters A and V. In Alan Walker-The Aviation Game, the same logo is supposed to be a plane or a drone, and you take control of it in a fantasy and neon world and pass it through fixed and moving obstacles.


Alan Walker-The Aviation Game


The creators of Alan Walker-The Aviation Game The world you are about to be in is called the Walker World, and it is said that in this fantasy world, you have to take control of a drone designed in the shape of the Alan Walker logo, and in this world of vibrancy and excitement. Get motivated to explore and test your focus, accuracy and skill. This game is one of those very challenging games that not everyone can play. The challenges of the game are tough, and you probably won’t be able to last more than a few seconds until you get your hands on it. But since the gameplay style is simple, learning and mastering it won’t be difficult. Alan Walker-The Aviation Game Alan Walker’s Aviation Tour Alan Walker’s World Aviation Game Alan Walker-The Aviation Tour Alan Walker-The Aviation Game is. Alan Walker Game: Flying is a fun and very challenging game and is a kind of musical title in which there are no multiple stages and missions and the main criterion is to get more points by recording better records and it can be said that this game is to It’s a kind of endless game! Alan Walker: Flying has more than 50,000 downloads It also scored a good score of 4.6 out of 5.0 . In the following, you can download the latest version of this game along with its mod version as tested from Usroid .

Changes to version v3.0.6:

* Fix some problems and bugs.