Alarm Clock Xs Pro 2.4.1 – Simple and Practical Alarm Clock App for Android
The professional and complete version worth $7.99

Waking up on time from sleep is one of the issues that many of us sometimes face with. Although in some cases we have set the alarm correctly, we cannot wake up at the right time and continue our daily activities. That’s why one of the best ways available in this area is to use an Android app. Alarm Clock Xs is the title of a simple and stylish alarm clock for Android developed by Jetkite and published on Google Play. Easily create all the alarms you need and be sure that this time you will wake up at the set time! Despite the simple interface, various features are available to you. Easily create any alarm you want and activate them for a specific date. If you think you may forget to set the alert in the future, it is better to choose the alarm clock and its date before the desired date, as we mentioned. Some of the people we are in contact with are constantly traveling, and one of their problems is the failure to activate the set alarms on time, but it is better to say that in Alarm Clock Xs software, the alarm clock time zone will also change correctly according to the geographical location and time zone of the area. If you are one of those who experience stressful days and need to wake up without any stress, set the alarm sound so that they start with a low sound and you do not get anxious after waking up. Another feature available for those who have a heavy sleep is the math problem-solving mode. This feature prevents the alarm from accidentally stopping and continues to play the alarm sound until you solve the problem. The Android app Alarm Clock Xs not only offers features to meet users’ needs but also provides graphic features for you dear ones. For example, you have access to a night clock that has an incredibly attractive graphic and keeps your Android smartphone screen active during the night.

Some features and capabilities of the Alarm Clock Xs Android app:

  • Setting different clocks without any limitations
  • Possibility of setting an alert for a specific date
  • Adding necessary details to created clocks
  • Smart system with increasing sound for stress-free waking up
  • A collection of various alert tones
  • Intelligent setting of alarm clock according to the time zone
  • Solving math problems to wake up, suitable for heavy sleepers!
  • Stopping alerts before activation!
  • Activating night clock with various themes
  • Viewing the required alert clock as a widget on the main screen

Alarm Clock Xs application, with its practical and simple features and capabilities, has been released for free by its developer with in-app purchases of $7.99. You can now download its latest professional version from the vast database of Usroid website. We provide the latest and complete Android applications for free here.


Alarm Clock Xs