Alchemy Classic HD in US ( Classic HD Alchemy) is one of the most popular, exciting and enjoyable intellectual games for the Android operating system , which is designed for free by the NIAsoft programming group and has a score of 4.9. Android 5.0 is the most popular and best Android intellectual game. Throughout history, human beings have always been eager to discover the world in which they live, and human efforts have gradually led to significant progress! In this game, you have four simple elements of nature from Aristotle’s point of view, namely fire, water, soil and air, and you have to combine them and create new elements and create a new world!

A variety of different tools are provided to the player that he can use to build the world and its accessories and experience the most beautiful intellectual game of the world in his Android mobile! In this game, as a player, you have to explore and build the environment so that you can turn an hourglass into a complex modern clock!

Some features of Alchemy Classic HD Alchemy Android game:

* Availability of a variety of factories, including paper, cloth, rice, etc.

* There are different types of tools such as clothes, candles, coins, wooden shoes and so on

* A variety of old vehicles, including carriages, to reach today’s modern cars

* A variety of wild and domestic animals such as elephants , deer, hedgehogs and… to advance the game

* Install and run on all Android phones and tablets!

* Stunning HD graphics compared to its very small size (about 20 MB)

If you like to do ecstasy and innovation and experience the most exciting intellectual game by creating the world; Don’t miss the beautiful Alchemy Classic HD game and get the latest version for free from Usroid for your Android smartphone. Join us to see pictures of the game and its trailer….

 Changes to version v1.7.7.11:

* Troubleshoot and improve graphics


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Download Alchemy Classic HD Android APK FREE NEW


Download Alchemy Classic HD Android APK FREE NEW