align 27 – Daily Astrology v4.1.0 – Android daily time management and astrology application!
A shared and complete version of the program worth $ 249.99 for the first time in Iran

align 27 – Daily Astrology is the title of a daily time management and astrology application developed by Gman Labs and published on Google Play. You must have noticed by now that on some days your energy level is higher than ever; Or sometimes you are more focused on your activities! The world we live in is full of energy, and given that we are made up of the elements of nature, the universe has a huge impact on us. Having enough knowledge in this field helps to do some activities at the right time or to take an effective step towards a big decision! Some of us humans may think this kind of science is more like a joke, but we suggest you think about it for once. Align 27 software – Daily Astrolog is exactly what helps you to be sure about the universe and their energy! As you can understand from the title of the post, this startup can have many uses. One of its main features is time management. By analyzing your birth time and some other information, the intelligent system helps you know at what time of day your activities are most productive and you can focus on the most important ones. Days when you need to rest are informed that you do not bother those around you. All activities and analyzes are completely scientific and are based on artificial intelligence. If you also believe in astrology, then you will see the most accurate astrology in this program. Astrologies that are all completely correct and presented without any errors in the results.

Some features and capabilities of align 27 – Daily Astrology Android app:

  • Displays your day type with three lights: green, amber and red
  • Your super cosmic weather system and display it as a timeline
  • Schedule moments based on your individual characteristics
  • A good option for having a detailed plan for activities based on intrinsic characteristics
  • Ability to create various profiles for your friends or family members
  • An option to display the effects of planetary motion on you and those around you
  • Display completely dedicated daily horoscopes in the Android application environment

Application align 27 – Daily Astrology with its strange set of features and applications developed by its provider network for free together with the payment of $ 249.99 is published in Google Play. Now you can download the latest shared version of it without any restrictions on the features and capabilities mentioned from the popular Usroid website .


align 27 - Daily Astrology