AllCast Premium v3.0.1.7 – Application for displaying audio and video files on Android TV
Premium version without any restrictions and the availability of all features

Smart TVs with large screens are one of the most popular TVs on the market today. The combination of different factors has made them popular among different people, and in addition to the screen and the high quality of these TVs, their capabilities and intelligent systems lead the audience of each of them to them as much as possible. The popularity of these TVs has gone so far that the developers of Android devices have also harmonized their smartphones with these TVs and tried to add extraordinary features to them. Of all the everyday features we use, screen sharing, or sending audio and video files remotely to a TV screen, is the most common among users. AllCast Premium UnlockedThe title of the wonderful application for sending all kinds of audio files, video files and images on the screen of smart TVs for Android , which has been developed and published by ClockworkMod. Just connect your Android device to a smart TV; After that, each multimedia file that you run will be displayed on TV in high quality and in full screen. There are no time limits for displaying files, and you will be able to share a variety of audio and video files with your family on TV. Easily view the list of file types in the gallery and run them in any format!

AllCast Premium Android supported devices:

  • Chromecast
  • Amazon FireTV
  • Apple TV
  • Xbox 360، Xbox One
  • Year
  • WDTV
  • Samsung، Sony and Panasonic Smart TVs
  • Other DLNA Renderers

Application AllCast Premium with more than 10 million Active downloads around the world has thousands of users ratings Play Store rating: 4.0 from 5.0 received that can now full version without restrictions from the database giant Site Usroid downloaded.


AllCast Premium Android