Altimeter GPS (Speedometer & Location Tracking) v1.9.5 – Altimeter and mountaineering tracker application for Android
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Altimeter GPS (Speedometer & Location Tracking)Title is an altimeter and mountaineering tracker application developed by GPS Dragon and published on Google Play. Mountaineering is one of the most special sports that not only has a direct impact on our physical health, but also strengthens the human spirit and helps you to never have doubts in different life situations and in facing problems! Climbers know that they may have any problems when they start climbing; Problems that sometimes lead to the end of their lives. For this reason, all of them try not to use the best tools and facilities while climbing. Many professional climbers use wireless to communicate with their friends, but due to the development of technology and the expansion of cell towers, Android smartphones can also be used to communicate with quality and reduce risks! Altimeter GPS software (Speedometer & Location Tracking) is a good option for mountaineering enthusiasts. The set of features that the above startup provides to you dear ones will help you experience a wonderful climb and have access to a set of information such as altitude, average speed, mileage and هر at any time. One of the most popular features is the location SMS mode; So that if you are separated from your friends and do not know where you are, with just the touch of an option you will be able to send your location to one of your friends in the form of an SMS. All your travel routes and information are recorded instantly and stored in history so you can access them all whenever you need them. Maps are displayed in several different modes, each of which can be activated according to your needs.

Some features and capabilities of Altimeter GPS (Speedometer & Location Tracking) Android application:

  • Displays average speed, instantaneous speed, and maximum speed while climbing
  • Measure your altitude
  • Track your current location on the map
  • View all routes traveled through Google Maps
  • Display maps in several different modes to suit your needs
  • Option to send your location to your friends in the form of a text message
  • Display height and movement speed in various units of measurement
  • Professional compass for a perfect navigation
  • Ability to share the start and end point of mountaineering with your friends

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Altimeter GPS