AmberHome Weather Plus v3.0.1 Simple, low-volume and accurate Android weather forecast app for
the purchased version of the app for $ 1.99 on Google Play

Climate is one of the phenomena that is constantly changing and it is not possible to imagine a specific situation for it. Especially in the cold seasons of the year, the weather changes much faster than at other times. Changes that have a direct impact on our lives and change our planning. If we don’t have access to accurate weather information and forecasting, we can’t plan carefully for work, driving, travel, and so on, and we may incur irreparable financial and human losses. There are several ways to access climate information, including meteorological sites and applications. There are many meteorological applications for Android, each of which offers special features and capabilities to the user. It is difficult to choose a good and practical application from the large number of available programs. Most users just need to see the weather briefly and very simply on their phone and don’t want to get involved with specialized information, advanced charts and heavy graphics elements. Today, we are at your service with an application that has been designed and built to meet the needs of such users.AmberHome Weather Plus is a meteorological app with a simple, clean interface with functional and essential features for the Android operating system, developed by the AmberHome software group and released for $ 1.99 on Google Play. Recently, material design has been added to this program to make it look like modern and beautiful programs today. AmberHome Weather uses highly accurate data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and NRK. The data is very accurate, not only in Norway but around the world. For most countries in the world, there is a precise forecast of 3 hours for the next 48 hours. Some places have one-hour resolution to accurately predict the weather. If you notice a big difference between the program’s predictions and the actual weather conditions in your location, you can edit the location height and change it to the correct value.

Some features and capabilities of the AmberHome Weather Plus Android app :

  • A brief overview of the current weather conditions
  • Weather forecast for the next ten days with morning, day, evening and night conditions
  • Hours (for most parts of Europe) or 3 hours (other parts of the world) for the next 48 hours
  • Full detail widget
  • Temperature in degrees Celsius or degrees Fahrenheit or Kelvin. Maximum / minimum temperature for one day. Windbreak temperature or heat index temperature
  • The amount of precipitation (millimeters or inches) in the minimum and maximum values
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Wind power and direction
  • air pressure
  • Humidity with percentage display

With the satisfaction of Android users, the AmberHome Weather Plus application has been able to get a score of 4.4 out of 5.0 from Google Play users. Now you can download the purchased version of this program along with all the features and capabilities from Usroid completely free of charge. This program has been introduced at your request and now the latest version is in front of you.


AmberHome Weather Plus