American Dad! Apocalypse Soon v1.34.0 – Interesting game “American Father” for Android + trailer
A fun game in the style of management games – role-playing
tested with online performance

American Dad! Apocalypse Soon – American Father: Waiting for the Apocalypse is a fun and special management role-playing game developed by BV Studios by Jungle Clash , Frontline Guard: WW2 Online Shooter , Armored Warfare: Assault , LAST DAY ALIVE , Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom and Evolution 2: Battle for Utopia , which we all introduced earlier in Usroid. This time we intend to make your requestDear users, we would like to introduce another game from this Dutch studio and release its latest official version for free download. The game in front of you American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is an interesting and entertaining title of management style and role-playing. This game is modeled on the American cartoon series of the same name, American Dad, and is a kind of official game of it. This series was produced and distributed during 10 years from 2005 to 2015 and was able to find many fans. The style and context of this animated series is very similar to the Futurama and Family Guy series, as well as the famous The Simpsons series, for which a special game was made. Now this time BV is planning to make an exclusive American Dad cartoon game with The Simpsons: Tapped OutCompete. Designed and built by American Dad! Apocalypse Soon A great effort has been made to preserve the general nature and shape of the original collection. That’s why in this game we are with cartoon graphics and something exactly like the appearance of the original set.


American Dad! Apocalypse Soon


In American Dad! Apocalypse SoonYou are in the role of the famous characters of the cartoon “American Dad”, ie the Smith family. According to the story, an army of aliens invaded the city of Langley Falls and are trying to destroy the earth and humans. In this game, you have to play the role of the father of the family, Stan Smith, to manage this crisis and do various things to prevent these attacks and repel the enemies. To do this, you have to use the power of astronauts against themselves and go to battle with the enemy by building an obedient army called Roger Army, which is made of alien clones. In American Dad! Apocalypse Soon has a lot of characterization and a lot of dialogue, which is followed by the whole game and its story. American Dad! Apocalypse Soon has two main parts. The first part is dealing with space people and fighting them in a light role-playing and strategic gameplay. But the second part is the management part. In this section you have to manage your underground base that you have created to protect the life of the family and develop different parts of it. American Dad! Apocalypse Soon is a fun and well-made game that has an interesting style and context, and there are many differences compared to many similar games. You can now download the latest version of this game fromDownload Usroid in a tested and free form.

V1.22.1 version changes:

* Added a new Path of the Heart event