Among Us v2024.6.18 + Mod – New version of the multiplayer arcade-action game [Team-based – Multiplayer] Among Us for Android
Regular version + Mod version (Unlocked skins) separately
Tested with offline and online gameplay

Among Us – در بین ما (امانگ آس) is an incredibly beautiful, well-made, and highly engaging game with a commendable idea that is created in the form of a simple yet incredibly entertaining and competitive game. This game is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases developed by the American studio Innersloth LLC and has been released in various versions for various platforms. The first version of this game was released in June 2018 for the Windows PC platform on the Steam store, and shortly after, a ported version of this game was also released for Android and iOS operating systems. Usroid has also provided this game for free download after necessary reviews and updates so that you can experience this beautiful and amazing game. It should be noted that in addition to the original and authentic version, we have also provided a modified and unlocked version of this game so that this excellent package is fully available to you. Among Us is one of those games that has such an interesting focus that millions of players from around the world have come to it as soon as it was released. For years, such games have been felt among modern mobile games, and Among Us is fortunately a good example in this regard. Although modern games are often online, complex, heavy, and graphical, millions of players around the world still love offline multiplayer games!


Among Us


After installing the game Among Us and entering it, you won’t believe what title you’re facing! Extraordinary mechanics alongside the developer team’s unique idea are set to bring you a different game. Thanks to the extensive advertising done by the game’s creator, the global gaming community has expanded and talk of this game comes up in every gathering, indicating that you are facing a special game. In Among Us, you can play this game offline with friends or family through Local Wi-Fi and participate in games with 4 to 10 players! This beautiful game is made with a simple but entertaining story. The story is about a spaceship in the middle of the galaxy. The crew of this spaceship realizes that it has encountered special problems and they quickly get to work and try to solve the problems together. But among this crew, one of them is a traitor and a cheat! At the beginning of the game, this person is randomly chosen from among the players and the players should never tell others what role they have in the game and try to do their tasks according to their role. If the chosen character is part of the main crew for you, you should try to find the problems of the ship with the help of others and solve them by doing various tasks. But if you are in the negative character or Impostor, you should follow the special tasks of this character and try to bring mischief! This simple but attractive idea has made Among Us a game that players around the world have welcomed and has had more than 100 million downloads only in the Android version of Google Play to date.


Among Us - امانگ آس در میان ما


Apart from the offline section, there is also an online section in the game Among Us – در بین ما (امانگ آس), so if you want to experience the game with other online players around the world, this possibility is also available to you. The overall game is simple and its graphics are two-dimensional and uncomplicated. If you haven’t experienced this beautiful game yet, don’t hesitate and download the latest version for free from the download box section of Usroid. To date, this game has succeeded in achieving a score close to 1.5 million votes and a rating of 4.3 out of 5.0. You can first view images and videos of the gameplay of this special and famous game, and finally, if you wish, download its latest version along with the mod version from the high-speed servers of the website and enjoy it for days on your phone.

1 – The game has two modes: online and offline.
2 – To play online, you need to use a bypass program for sanctions [filter-breaker].
3 – The only thing you can do in terms of hacking the game is to unlock skins, hats, and … – in our mod version, we have unlocked all skins, hats, and … for you. [On the initial run, the screen may be black, so wait a bit and it will load!]
5 – If you were not able to download the side data from inside the game in the mod version, delete the game and find it on Google Play and click the install button. After downloading a few kilobytes of the game, stop the download and reinstall the mod version.
6 – Usroid always releases and offers the latest game updates simultaneously with publication. Always refer to this page for downloading.